Missed a delivery? Use the Archives!

If you cannot find the most recent issue of the Sunday resources that we emailed to you, you may download them from the archives. To access the downloads from our site, you must have a membership account profile. Creating a profile allows you to view member-only archives.

1. Go to https://catholicdr.com/cgi-bin/dada/mail.cgi/profile_login/. Clicking this link will open a new window so you won’t lose these instructions.

2. Use the LOGIN tab or create a new profile using the REGISTER tab and fill out the form. Be sure to use the email address that has been receiving past issues. If you are creating a new profile, an email is sent to you with your Profile Authorization Code. Simply click the authorization link and your membership profile will be activated.

profile login

3. After logging into your profile, click “VIEW ARCHIVES”


6. Click the TITLE of the mailing, i.e., the MONTH you need to download. (“June’s issue of …”)

7. SCROLL DOWN to below the message to find the attachments.

8. Click each attachment and be sure to choose to “SAVE AS” (do not merely open the file, but save a copy on your computer).

open attachments

NOTE: You may change the profile email address and password whenever there’s a change in personnel who needs access to the archives.

If you need assistance, contact us at listadmin@catholicdr.com.